Rethinking Design Education – From the Students’ Perspective

The book perMa – Prototyp* einer neuen Lernkultur by Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau Department of Design (Celeste Meisel, Hannes Wilke, Mathilde Scholz, Melanie Scheer, Stella Kornfeld), published by Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl, with a foreword by Prof. Dr. June Park, rethinks design education – from the students’ perspective.

*Proto|type: provisional product that makes one or more specific design considerations testable (not the archetype of a product for industrial production).

“This publication shows what design education can learn from design. It documents a project in which design methods are applied to transform design studies. Indeed, design education needs to change radically because the world has changed fundamentally in the last 20 years. This project illustrates how the transformation process can succeed: context-based, resource-oriented, concrete, differentiated, self-critical and systematic. I know of no comparable publication anywhere in the world.” Prof. Dr. René Spitz, Member of the Board of the iF Design Foundation.