Behind the scenes: New York Oculus – Architektur als Offenbarung

A long workday in the Big Apple comes to an end. On his way back to the hotel, tired and hungry, the protagonist wanders through the dark, stuffy corridors of the New York subway. And all of a sudden finds himself in a temple of light.

Copyright: René Spitz

When the towers collapsed on 11 September 2001, the World Trade Center station was also destroyed. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was commissioned to close the wound. Precisely 15 years later, during a visit to New York, René Spitz experiences the intoxicating effect of architecture in the early evening of a day that was packed with inspiring interviews for the White Book. From the darkness of the underground tunnels, an escalator catapults him up into another, almost surreal world – a world of light, space and vastness, in the midst of Manhattan’s urban density. The people in Calatrava’s cathedral of transportation, with its 150 white