Chair, Product Design, Art Center - Los Angeles

Chris Hacker is Chair, Product Design at Art Center College of Design. Chris brings his depth and breadth of design and leadership experience to the Product Design Department and to the College at large. Prior to this appointment, he had been teaching in the Graduate Graphic Design (MGx) department since 2016 where he helped develop the curriculum with a focus on strategy, design management and professional preparation. Hacker’s passion is bringing awareness to designers and other business people of their power in the business world to make sustainable design a key paradigm of design process and therefore make the products and materials produced lighter on the planet.

He is Chief Design Officer of Hacker Design Group, a design consultancy specializing in Product and Brand Design Management and Sustainability Design.

Previously, Chris was Vice President Marketing and Design at Herman Miller and was Creative Director, Consumer and Specialty. He provided design and marketing leadership to the Herman Miller Collection and Consumer businesses and