Owner of Kanaé Design Labo

We are the design team which have specialized for the everyday-use products design. Our mission is to clear up people’s mind for creating our happy life. What makes happiness for people? The worth of happiness is floating. We have got a few catastrophic disasters since 1995. Now we have to stop once and think again why we do this, what makes happiness, do you really need this and so on. There are many already-made systems going off these years. We have to design up new systems and new worth for us. I think we are standing up in quite interesting era that we could see the moment of born those new systems and new ideas. To ride on the new wave, it depends on the person’s ability. Then we also have to design everyday-use products which have got new ideas. Well, at that time, it would not be products anymore, maybe….

Appointed professor at the Okayama prefectural University Part time lecturer at the Okinawa prefectural Art University Ex-Visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London.

iF Design Award
Dezeen Award, Short Listed
DFA Award, Silver Prize and Merit Award
Good Design Award, Scape Award etc.