Professor of Transformation Design

Peter Friedrich Stephan is a designer, consultant and educator based in Berlin/Germany. He is a researcher in digital and social transformation and professor of transformation design at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne/Germany. Peter developed concepts and tools like the ConcernCanvas and the Hypercycle of Transformation, which are used in workshops for universities and companies in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Most recently, he co-developed the project "From COVID 19 to MIND 21", which calls for educating transformational leaders and, since September 2020, has been hosted on the new CumulusConnect platform.

Having studied design, business communication and music in Berlin and New York/USA, Peter was a pioneer in multimedia design. In the early 1990s, he designed award-winning media projects in experimental and commercial contexts. In 1994, he co-founded a university program in computational design, and in 1997, he was appointed full professor. From 2002 to 2013, Peter was a guest lecturer for Leadership in Digital Communication, a joint master program of the University of the Arts Berlin and the University St. Gallen/Switzerland.

Peter wrote more than 50 papers on transformation and cognitive design and edited two books: Knowledge Media Design (2005) and Events and E-Commerce (2000). His research fields include „Intelligent Objects“, „Cognitive Aspects of Visualization“ and „Designing Media“, which were funded by the National Academy of Science and Engineering – acatech and the Federal Ministery of Education and Research – BMBF.