Architect, Urbangauss

  • 1948 Born in Osaka Japan

  • 1974 BA / Osaka University Japan / Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture Engineering

  • After working as a City & Physical Planner for Urban Design,

  • 1976-1981 Working as Architect at Tadao Ando Architect & Associates.

  • 1977 got First Class architect in Japan

  • 1981 Established Toshiroh Ikegami Architecture Company as First Class architect office

  • 1986 Established URBANGAUSS as First Class architect office

  • 1993-2014 Kyoto City University of Arts (KCUA), Faculty of Fine Arts / Department of Design / Environmental Design, as a Professor Architect & Space Designer

  • 1993 Associate Professor

  • 2000 Professor Doctor Course

  • 2014 Professor Emeritus

  • 2015-16 Kwansei Gakuin University, Department of Urban Studies / The School of Policy Studies as a Professor Architect

  • 1992-2002 G-MARK Jury Member of Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP)

  • 2001 Established NPO ECODESIGN NET WORK 2007- Chairman

  • 2011 Established & Chairman Osaka Green Purchasing Network

Working as a Creator, Educator, Researcher & Citizen. Designing with the concept “EDIT” and creating new eco design lifestyle as an architect. Dealing scale equal from 1/1 to 1/ 200,000. Territory of design covers mainly architecture, city & physical planning, landscape design. Sometimes product design, eco-design demonstration experiment equipment & system etc. From 2010 theme is Optimize “a Micro Climate in a Micro Biosphere” for Climate Crisis.

From 2000, Research Projects 2000-2013 - Simulating “the DWELLING SPACE” from Past to Future for How We Live

Research Project 1: 2000-2013 from Past: Learning & Archives of Space Heritage in 1200 YEARS.

Tōji Temple Kyoto-Anatomy in Cyber Space. J

Works of Kyoto City University of Arts & Tōji Temple Kyoto. Research Project 2: 2001-2008 to the FUTURE: HOW to Dwell in International Space Station works of Artistic Approaches to Space from Kyoto City University of Arts & JAXA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and also NASA.

Research Project 3:
2003-2008: Living Now - How We Act Now for Eco Design Society.

Osaka Model of Circulation Oriented society through Case Study of Existing City & Neighborhood Nature Works of Team Axis4 NPO Eco Design Network & JST – Japan Science and Technology Agency.

Teaching & Lecture in Asia from 1994 – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, mainly China 20 universities and cities. Theme 1; “Progress & Legacy – Culture & Aesthetics” from 1998. Theme 2; “Eco-Design is Design Itself” from 2002.