February 2021

Behind the Scenes: Taipei or the story behind the photo

The fact that Albert Einstein was right and also had something to say in relation to design, can be seen, for example, in the basement of Shih Chien University in Taipei.

The following quote is attributed to Einstein: „Without order nothing can exist – without chaos nothing can evolve." The students of the private design school prove that this is true by means of a recurring ritual: At the beginning of each term, in order of grade, they move into one of the empty, four-meter-high ‘lanes’ and set up their workstations. This is where they make design, do research, build and try out new things, as evidenced by the constantly filling shelves – productive chaos unfolds. And then it stops; the term is over. Things are tidied up, order is restored. Only for it to start all over again in the next term – and in the next lane. Places where design is made sometimes look different to what you would expect. This is the place where it happens.

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