Designer, Illustrator

Robin is interested in how good design creates positive connections, new possibilities and ways of thinking. Originally from Cork, Ireland. As a child Robin was always drawing and dreaming up stories so it seemed right that she then on to study Animation in Dublin. Constantly curious and willing to try new things, Robin worked in the animation industry for a few years before turning to another passion: local food. At the time, despite the variety of high quality local produce available, she found there was still little appreciation for this in Dublin and so she started pop-up food events with local food advocate, the Mr. Kevin Powell. Using only local ing redients they collaborated with other local businesses including art galleries, breweries and cafes.

It was around this time Robin became interested in the concepts of permaculture design and how these principles can be applied to wider contexts. It was also the start of her thinking about design outside the graphic mediums. In 2015 Robin moved to Kyoto Japan in order to study Aikido as a trainee teacher for three years before working for a local graphic design studio where she was involved in branding projects for rural towns in Japan. She now works freelance as an illustrator, teacher and translator.