Impulse 1: Learning and Teaching Sciences

How do we learn? In recent decades, far-reaching findings have come to light that provide fundamentally new answers to this question. A new scientific area has been established internationally: the learning and teaching sciences. These findings have hardly yet reached design theory. This event is therefore dedicated to four exemplary topics – learning experience, materiality, growth mindset and impact measurement – ​​as impulses for changing design teaching.

Designing Design Education – Impulses for a new curriculum (2023-2025)

Design studies must change radically. This is the central result of the research we conducted starting in 2016 and published in the White Paper on the Future of Design Teaching in 2021. How exactly can this be achieved? In our follow-up project, we are gathering global insights: pragmatic suggestions for anyone who wants to change their design theory immediately. This project is an open campus in cooperation with The New Collection Munich on the occasion of its 100th birthday in 2025.