Now online: Design Course Finder for Germany

Now online: Design Course Finder for Germany

The first comprehensive database for all design education programs in Germany serves as a search engine, an orientation aid and a source of inspiration for those interested in studying design.

If you want to study design in Germany: Where are design courses offered and what do they look like? What kinds of courses are there? How are they structured? What content is taught? Do they include lectures, practical exercises or seminars? How long does the course take and what are the costs? Which degree do I get from which school? What is the difference between similar courses? What is the difference between the universities/schools – be they private or state schools, universities of applied sciences, universities, or technical universities?

These and many other questions arise when you are interested in studying design. Until now, there has been no overview of all design degree programs in Germany. The data collection for the Public value study , published by the iF Design Foundation in early XNUMX, has also produced extensive information on this subject. A totally new research tool for prospective students, the Database has now been published on the Foundation's website.

You can search for universities, locations, study programs and different design disciplines. The results are not weighted. The links listed lead directly to the universities or to the individual study programs and provide a comprehensive impression regarding the specific conditions and curricula. The aim is to simplify access to design studies in Germany and to provide publicly available information in a clear and concise way.

The graphic map of the design course finder is designed like a subway map to provide interested parties with a quick overview of the university landscape in Germany. The map divides the many different disciplines and practices in design into the categories of "things," "systems," and "messages": under "things“ you will find design disciplines such as industrial design, product design, or fashion design. Under „messages“ you will find a concise list of disciplines such as communication design, graphic design, web design or game design. Finally, the "Systems" category includes design disciplines such as social, public or transformation design, design strategy, or design management.

For each category and discipline, the design course finder provides a wide range of options: in total, it covers almost 400 courses at more than 100 universities in Germany. With this scope, it serves not only as an orientation aid, but also as a source of inspiration: the database also lists design disciplines that many of those who are interested in design, will certainly not have heard of before. Thus, the database opens up perspectives beyond well-known standard courses, or provides an overview of all design courses offered in a particular region in Germany.

Despite careful research, the database may still be incomplete. We are constantly updating the design course finder and welcome any suggestions for additions and corrections. Please send them to: