Stuttgart 2023

Design course Germany 2023. Contribution to public value.

Published by Christoph Böninger, Annette Diefenthaler, Fritz Frenkler and René Spitz for the iF Design Foundation. Texts by Timo Meynhardt and René Spitz.


Stuttgart 2021

Design Design Education. White book on the future of design education.

Published by Christoph Böninger, Susanne Schmidhuber and Fritz Frenkler for the iF Design Foundation. Texts by René Spitz.


Hannover 2014

Quo vadis design? Documentation of the eponymous conference on September 14, 2013 in Frauenchiemsee.

Published by iF Industrie Design Forum e.V. in cooperation with Wilhelm Vossenkuhl. Texts by Andreas Dorschel, Winfried Nerdinger, Nils...